Wisconsin Rocket Society

Wisconsin Rocket Society, is a new organization for  rocketry and space exploration. Our mission is Design – Create – Inspire.

Working through both private research and public outreach. Our hope is foster inspiration through new rocket technologies.

Membership and Outreach

Spring Launch Event

Starting in January, we will be working on building our High Powered Rocket for our Spring Launch Event held in April. 

Open to the public, people can come and see how for Wisconsin, the sky is no longer the limit.

Cultivate new skills, and learn important concepts. Rocketry is the gate way.

Attend social events that allow you to engage with like minded individuals.

Private Research and Licenceing

Pushing the Limits

We work to advance space research, through building, designing and creating new technologies to improve engine design, launch vehicle designs, and new fuel types.  

Sign up, participate, and learn more!